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Bethnal Green Cocks FC [entries|friends|calendar]
Bethnal Green Cocks FC


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Bethnal Green Cocks is a future London football club, now players are training in different corners of the world. They train on Saturdays and play when they are hungry, then random spectators throw food at them which they thankfully accept. BGC play against high school teams and lose, but they win against Alpen Maiden FC. They are the best fookin club in the world, nuff said.

The Squad

blackpawsblack_paws- Martin Brixton (Marty)
pixaypixay- Alex (Lexxy)
chasingwordschasingwords - Jeff McConnell
mcvegaltmcvegalt- Frankie Wilde
apostropherapostropher- Stanislav Rosenbaum (Stani)
konungakonunga- Victor Hanger (Vic)

We battle against

Alpen Maiden FC
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BGC FC anthem with Mike Skinner [Friday 21.3.08 @ 3:13am]

A rumour has spread that Mikeee from The Streets (who is also the landlord of the team members' flat) wants to make a team anthem for (and together with) BGC FC. No one knows whether this is the truth or not, and e-mails keep pouring into our inboxes with questions. We have read them, but it's too hard to reply to ALL of them, so we decided to make a post and explain it to you in a civilised manner.

Yes, we are working on an anthem. We can't give out more details, in fact, we wanted to keep it a secret until it was done, we wanted to surprise, you see, but the rumours have spread and there's no way to stop them and we're a honest bunch, so we won't lie by saying it's not true.

We'll keep you updated with it, it will be as quick as our other updates.

Love, Frankie W.

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Train! [Friday 21.3.08 @ 1:04am]

[ mood | Tired ]

I acquired a Liverpool FC ball and both BGC FC and Alpen Maiden FC players are invited to a friendly training session in Deptford park at 9am this Sunday. Bring your own fags, for I ain't gonna give you any, you greedy sportsmen.

- Marty

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World Cup Winners [Sunday 22.4.07 @ 15:50pm]

"BGC had won the world cup back in the summer of 2006.

Due to technical problems, none of their games were shown on TV nor the team was included in the team listings. But they celebrated hardonly, while the Alpen Maiden FC weeped."

-The source wishes to be annonymous.
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On the news.. [Monday 16.4.07 @ 12:40pm]

[ mood | Tired ]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Free stuff and a question. [Monday 30.10.06 @ 18:49pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I need to know which position everyone is playing, that running around the pitch has to stop. We need tactics, we need to know what we are doing.

It has been agreed upon me being the striker, but I need to know your positions too.
And who's the fucking team captain?

P.S enjoy your cold season, sponsors promised woolen underpants for everyone.

- Martin.

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[Friday 8.9.06 @ 14:14pm]

In recent days, Stanislav Rosenbaum has undertaken grueling training, including the famous French Technique. The "ball", as such, is a French dictionary. The volitile nature of this object adds difficulty.

"Come next year, I will be ready to do my part for the team," Stanislav was quoted as saying.

There is no word yet as to the team captain or when the vote for this position might take place. There are rumors that due to being filthy socialists, several team members may refuse to appoint a captain.
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And they kick and they miss! [Friday 8.9.06 @ 18:00pm]

[ mood | indifferent ]

Heroes of the year are..Collapse )

Nida, 2006.
Photo by AndrewKendall2 aka Frankie Wilde.

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New player? [Saturday 26.8.06 @ 22:45pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Rumours that Bethnal Green Cocks are going to recruit a new player have just been confirmed! The mystical player is attending training now, but hopefully he'll join the team next year. BGC spokesman refused to say anything more, but fans are already guessing the name. So far most people think it's going to be..

The new player?Collapse )

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2:0 [Tuesday 15.8.06 @ 15:49pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Last week at the seaside Bethnal Green Cocks played against our most dangerous opponents - Alpen Maiden. Not having the full team (only three players could play) BG Cocks still managed to win, result 2:0. The flat ball was kicked in every direction and of course there were a lot of dangerous situations. I showed off my special getting-the-ball-up-the-stairs skillz and got in a fight with Lexxy, who is a cock. Frankie defended the goal-post bravely and got a bigger pizza than she was able to eat.

Alpen Maiden only had three players (numbers 13, 666 and 69) too, but they were all very competitive and caused a lot of trouble. But of course lost LOSERS LOSERS LOSERS

Alpen Maiden FC BEFORE they lostCollapse )

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